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Need a Website for Your Business?

 iThemes knows that your needs as a business owner are completely different than those of bloggers or hobbyists. In order to meet your needs, we have created a number of WordPress website themes that were specifically created with the small business or business professional in mind.



All featured themes will help your business through:
     •Branding: Easily customize our themes to match your brand identity.
     •Functionality: Easy to use and navigate – a must for customers or clients!
     •Search Engine Optimization: Attract potential clients through search engines like Google and Yahoo.
     •Online Stats: Tracking your audience and their interests helps your (ROI) and conversion rates!
     •Plug-Ins: Some of the most advanced, yet simple to use widgets that helps make your website outstanding.


Are you a web developer or designer?

You know that the most difficult problem nearly every day is leveraging your time. Well you are in for a treat. We have found a wonderful theme framework that leverages our time and gives our clients tremendous flexibility in customizing their design. It is called iThemes Builder.


Most frameworks make you work with a “least common denominator” approach. You can have this but have to give up that. Not so with Builder. We have found that it significantly reduces our initial setup time because of the fantastic layout tools while gives us access to the most intricate detail so we can make the website look just like we want it.


The most powerful reason to use Builder is because of the way that it is built. You will rarely, if ever, need to do anything in the core which means you can upgrade without pulling your hair out. iThemes provides well-designed “child themes” that you can use right out of the box. Finally, Builder has the concept of extensions which let you define your own stlyes and specific custom functions. In other words, if you need something extremely customized and creating a child theme or plugin is overkill, just use an extension.



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