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MonoX comes with more than 50 core Web parts and a complete infrastructure that allows .NET developers to customize both front-end and functionality of their applications.

Its key features include: interactive user interface compatible with modern Web browsers, full support for the ASP.NET Web parts framework, a fully featured set of components needed to build advanced social environments, standards compliance, SEO features, scalable and robust architecture, standardized plug-and-play modules and open API, high performance and a flexible data layer and unprecedented ease of use.

Non-technical users can administer most of the aspects of the working portal. MonoX employs standard WYSIWYG editors, file manager mimics the look and feel of the standard Windows explorer, etc. It fully supports offline editing tools based on MetaWeblog API, including Microsoft Windows LiveWriter.

MonoX is a free product that may be used without limitations in both non-commercial and commercial projects. Users of the Free edition must place a link “Powered by MonoX” in either textual or image format that links back to Product’s Web site at http://monox.mono-software.com. This can however be removed for $99.00 . Click Here

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