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Nearforums – ASP.NET MVC forum engine

Available with (WPI) Web Platform Installer; Nearforums is a lightweight modern discussion forum developed in C# with ASP.NET MVC. Open source, with a permissive license (MIT) suitable for companies and developers, Nearforums includes great features like sign-in with Facebook/Twitter, navigation with tags, full Web administration, RSS feeds, accessible HTML and SEO Friendly. Open source SEO friendly ASP.NET MVC forum engine.


• Navigation in forums, threads and tags
• Login with Facebook Connect / Twitter OAuth
• Related threads
• Fast quoting
• Visual HTML editor for posts
• Rss feeds and short urls
• Alternate Mobile layout template


• Open source
• Extensible ASP.NET MVC
• Copy and paste installation
• SEO Friendly
• Lightweight n-tier application


• No limits to design
• Accessible HTML markup
• Non intrusive javascript
• Easy templating

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