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Premium WordPress Ad Plugins

Commercial WordPress plugins offer many great benefits over free plugins such as great support and better functionality. Below is a list of  three of the best tested ad management plugins that are currently available for WordPress.

OIO Publisher- A premium WordPress ad plugin that focuses on boosting your revenue and saving you time when it comes to managing your ads. OIO Publisher puts the advertiser in control by letting them upload their own information and images as well as pay for their ad directly on your WP site. Numerous payment modules give advertisers several ways to pay for their ads (Alertpay, Google Checkout, PayPal) and easily purchase ad placements for a single month or multiple months via a subscription option.

Billboard WordPress Ad Manager – Another simple WordPress ad plugin that is best used to add images and banner ads to your sidebar via a WP widget. Billboard is a premium WordPress ad plugin that’s priced at $45 per 2 sites, $75 per 10 sites or $150 for use on an unlimited number of websites.

DirectAdsMarket – Another premium WordPress banner ad plugin that allows you to sell ads on your site through PayPal. This one, however, allows you to sell Twitter and Facebook profile ads. The user can simply add their Twitter or Facebook profile link and pay for his/her profile to be displayed on the publisher’s website. Publishers can charge any amount on a per minute, day, week, month, or year basis. Free banner ads are also available in case you’d like to use the plugin to reward the most frequent or most valuable visitors to your WP blog.

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