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Razer Switchblade

Every year at CES, the concept devices that inevitably grab headlines and gather rapt attention. The Razer Switchblade, announced today, is certainly one of these.

The Switchblade is Intel Atom-based, with a touchscreen and a dynamic tactile keyboard that adjusts its layout and configurations on the fly based on the game being played. It’s a heady idea for an ultraportable, but how will it will all work on a 7-inch screen remains to be seen.

Quotes from Brad Gaff, director of gaming platforms for Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group, sound bullish. “PC Gaming continues to attract innovation with rich 3-D graphics, high definition video, and life-like animation…the Intel Atom processor, combined with Razer’s expertise in bringing gaming solutions to market, will help make it possible for consumers to have a powerful gaming experience in mobile devices.”

Razer’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, believes that mice and keyboard development have led to a natural evolution to a full portable gaming system. “Razer isn’t just about bringing innovation to the PC, but creating products that will change the future of gaming. The Razer Switchblade is one such product.”

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