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The face of security 2010 – a clown

Perhaps Torvalds reference on Linux Security, Masturbating Monkeys, Whores and Idiots should have been trademarked. If he thinks this about the finger pointing over a Linux kernel he would have a field day with the idiots that surround our government and governments around the world related to network security.

It is very difficult to try to construct an article with so much data just on security. We have the great Gary Locke saying new online privacy rules are needed. This is coming from the same people who constructed the brilliant U.S. health care plan. Our government clearly have not lost their knack. If we cut red tape it will be lengthwise! We have facebook the most insecure place on the planet yet people are joining in greater numbers than those doing a search on Google.

With WikiLeaks releasing more than a quarter-million sensitive diplomatic documents underscores the massive challenge ahead, as Homeland Security labors to build protections for all of the other, potentially more vulnerable U.S. agencies. Hello is anyone in there? Our networks are crap and he only showed what was collected you should give him award for showing the idiots on the bus. I have to question security which allows this information to get out in the first place and who is responsible for that.

DHS is slowly moving all the government’s Internet and e-mail traffic into secure networks that eventually will be guarded by intrusion detection and prevention programs. The networks are known as Einstein 2 and Einstein 3 this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Then DHS says the U.S. supply chain cyber-security weaker, more vulnerable than thought! When I said I had too much data just check this. Oh the list is long so the page load is not fast.

Now the OpenBSD project has found two bugs during an audit of the cryptographic code in which, it has been alleged, the FBI, through former developers, was able to plant backdoors.

While defending claims– stated at the end of the article was this quote. Almost every operating system on the planet uses the OpenSSH server suite, which Theo and his team created with almost zero remuneration from the many operating systems and commercial products that use it without credit to the OpenBSD Project.

I don’t want to be the prince of doom and gloom; but to ignore the obvious just does not seem logical at any level. It seems that greed is the one common thread and pointing out the even Open Source is not immune to greed they constantly pointed at Bill Gates for. 

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