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Windows Backup failing not enough disk space – error code 2155348249

While this solution isn’t 100% depending on the cause, it’s the likely solution.


In Windows 2008+, you will notice that the Windows installation creates a 100MB partition (the System Reserved Partition [SRP]) that is not assigned a drive letter but is mounted to \\?\Volume{d7872b19-76ae-11e3-8a27-806e6f6e6963}\:System Reserved. Here’s the problem, when you are doing a full bare metal recovery backup, which includes the system state, just the system state, or trying to back up everything, WSB will use VSS to backup the partitions, including SRP. But 100 MB is too small to allow for this! Not a very smart design choice. You can confirm that this is the problem by removing the bare metal and system state backup options, and only backing up your C:. That will work. But add system state, and it fails.


The solution is to have VSS use the C: or another drive when creating the snapshot of the SRP. This way the limited 100 MB is no longer an issue.


[See Source for details]


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