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WordPress 4.3 Update

While the version 4.2 brought us a lot of revolutionary improvements like browsing and switching themes in the Customizer, Emoji support and an improved Press This button, version 4.3 will totally change the way you use WordPress on small-screen and touch-enabled devices.


WordPress 4.3 focuses on improving both Admin UI and the Editor on touch-enabled and small screen devices. The editor will be loaded with outstanding features like saving/updating content without refreshing the page and working of Cmd/Control+S in the text view, on the other side, the Admin UI will retire media-new.php and have better responsive list tables. Additionally, several guest contributors will also be reimagining and improving the Network Admin UI for mobile.


Security has always been a crucial concern in WordPress and once again, WordPress team is focusing a lot on making websites more secure than ever. As WordPress’ biggest chink in armor is passwords, version 4.3 is getting a major overhaul in terms of how passwords are chosen. Below are four main points that Mark Jaquith, who is leading the team working on passwords, has included in his plan for passwords:



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